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Tovano products are of excellent quality, and we demand the same of our packagings. That’s why Tovano has developed an exclusive box that meets all transport requirements, but at the same time serves as a fabulous display. A unique box that you won’t see anywhere else.

Tovano has a vast range of packagings, to ensure that customers’ wishes can always be fulfilled. Tovano is flexible and can make anything possible in the area of packagings, even outside the standard range.

Tovano trays, simplicity and presentation combined

Tovano is also innovative in packagings. A good example is the development of our own Tovano trays, which are perfect for attractive presentation. With these trays, Tovano also reflects the trend for greater convenience. After opening, the pack is easy to reseal: the lid is attached to the tray, making lost lids a thing of the past. The trays are ideal as packaging for nuts, dried fruits, kernels and seeds. 

Food containers in all shapes and sizes

For products like subtropical fruit and seeds in larger quantities, Tovano offers the convenience of a line of food containers. The containers are available in different sizes, and clearly display the quality of the products. We’ve even thought about the strength of the material: after opening, every container can be optimally resealed. The large containers are used for products supplied to bulk consumers, such as restaurants and caterers.

Also for private label nuts and dried subtropical fruit

Tovano is a reliable sales partner for many customers: as a supplier of a complete range of products, which can also be packaged with a private label. We are highly flexible, and there are many possibilities for customer-specific packaging of your products for orders of sufficient quantity, using a variety of boxes, retail packs, labels and wrappings. 

Your own packaging takes shape at Tovano

If you already have your own ideas about packaging of products, you’re very welcome to discuss them with Tovano. Almost any wish can be fulfilled for orders of sufficient quantity. Because Tovano does the packaging itself, there is great flexibility. With all the associated advantages: a solution for a whole spectrum of packaging ideas, with the efficiency that’s naturally demanded by the packaging process.

If you’d like more information, please contact us without obligation.