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Tovano has been an expert in the world of nuts and dried subtropical fruits for over six decades. We know where to find the best quality available anywhere in the world. We then supply our customers on an individual basis, in whatever quantities they wish.

You can count on Tovano to fulfil your order. We have an excellent reputation as a reliable partner, and the food safety requirements that we impose are at least as high as your own. Find out more about us, without obligation!

Nuts and peanuts

Nuts are included in the Five Food Groups, and with very good reason: nuts contain important building materials for the body and are an essential component of every healthy diet. Not only as a meat substitute...

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Dried fruits

Easy and healthy, that’s the best description of subtropical fruit. Chock-full of good minerals and carbohydrates, and always ready-to-eat. In short, an excellent alternative for fresh fruit. And subtropical fruit are also a great way...

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Tropical fruits

The ideal summertime refreshment. Tropical fruits are perfect in blended drinks, smoothies and yoghurt. Precisely the ingredient to make summer recipes a healthy success. An extra bonus is that tropical fruits are a...

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Kernels and seeds

Kernels and seeds are the essential ingredient of many salads. Maybe not eye-catching, but they’re full of flavour and vitamins. And a bowl of kernels and seeds is always great on the patio, on the beach or...

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Chocolate products

The Greek gods had their nectar, according to mythology, but we have chocolate. For those with a sweet tooth, we have an extensive range of high-quality chocolate. And when we say high-quality...

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Snack products

From Asian rice crackers to cocktail nuts, these products make every drinks party a wonderful success. Light, delicious and extremely varied, if the weekend had a taste, it would be the taste of...

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