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Nuts and peanuts

Nuts are included in the Five Food Groups, and with very good reason: nuts contain important building materials for the body and are an essential component of every healthy diet. Not only as a meat substitute, but naturally also as a healthy snack between meals.

A selection of the products we can offer you is shown below. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Shelled nuts

Shelled nuts are extremely healthy, which is why they are included in the Five Food Groups and are a standard component of almost every healthy diet. An important reason is that shelled nuts make you feel relatively full, without...

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Nuts in shell

The sound of a good old-fashioned get-together is laughter, people chatting, perhaps some music, but certainly the sound of cracking nuts. Nostalgia in a nutshell: that’s what we call sharing nuts in the shell. Cracking, snacking...

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Peanuts are the most important ingredient of a warm welcome. Simply switch on the ambient lighting, put the peanuts on the table, complemented with a drink, and you’ve set the scene for conviviality. Packed full of...

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