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Shelled nuts

Shelled nuts are extremely healthy, which is why they are included in the Five Food Groups and are a standard component of almost every healthy diet. An important reason is that shelled nuts make you feel relatively full, without consuming many calories. They are packed with proteins, fibres and vitamins. And packed with flavour. Ideal for baked products, for instance, but a handful of nuts a day is also the perfect snack for people who love quality, flavour and health.

A selection of the products we can offer you is shown below. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Almonds brown

Almonds white

Almonds flaked

Almond slivered roasted

Almond flour

Almonds roasted & salted

Almonds roasted & unsalted

Almonds smoked


Cashew pieces

Cashew pieces roasted

Cashew roasted & salted

Cashews roasted & unsalted

Hazelnuts brown

Hazelnuts white

Hazelnut pieces

Macadamia style 0

Macadamia style 1

Brazil nuts

Pecan nuts

Pistachios in shell

Pistachios shelled

Pistachios roasted & salted

Walnuts Chile extra light halves

Walnuts Chile extra light quarters

Walnuts Eastern Europe light halves

Walnuts Eastern Europe light quarters