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Snack products

From Asian rice crackers to cocktail nuts, these products make every drinks party a wonderful success. Light, delicious and extremely varied, if the weekend had a taste, it would be the taste of snack products. When you choose from our selection, you know for certain that the best quality snacks will be served at your (company) drinks occasion, party or soirée.

A selection of the products we can offer you is shown below. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Honey mix deluxe

Almond caramel & sea salt

Honey rosemary mix

Katjang pedis

Sweet peanuts

Chilli nuts

Cocktail nuts

Peking nuts

Vegetable chips


Tovano mix

Rice balls mix jumbo

Cindy mix

Hot rice crackers

Fuji rice crackers

Kakinotane red

Baked mix

Konoha salad


Nut cookies

Moon crax

Seicho round

Cheese sushies