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Your natural choice

Tovano has been an expert in the world of nuts and dried subtropical fruits for over six decades. We know where to find the best quality available anywhere in the world. We then supply our customers on an individual basis, in whatever quantities they wish.

You can count on Tovano to fulfil your order. We have an excellent reputation as a reliable partner, and the food safety requirements that we impose are at least as high as your own. Find out more about us, without obligation!

More than 60 years of experience

It all began in 1950 when Toon van Noort, the father of the former managing director, also Toon van Noort, started trading in nuts, peanuts and fruit & nut mix. The business expanded slowly but surely from the outset. The products were sold on the market stall by the father and son themselves. Toon Jr. started helping his father at the age of 14, and four years later he officially joined the business. In 1977 the activities continued under the name Tovano, with headquarters in Rijswijk.

Quality has been the most important sales argument since Day 1. As the turnover increased and the network of suppliers grew, father and son Van Noort learned more about the sector worldwide. They only entered into business relationships with reliable suppliers, and an efficient organisation did the rest. Tovano still serves the market with a relatively small team of employees today.

A wide market

Tovano supplies a wide target group, with a range of products to match: these products can be optimally tailored to each customer’s requirements and preferences. Our products are supplied to retail organisations both within and outside the Netherlands, exporters in the fruit and vegetable sector, industrial food processing companies, wholesalers and market traders. A real variety of customers, who have one thing in common: they’re looking for exceptional quality that stands out from the crowd. This is what Tovano supplies, thanks to its extensive international network of suppliers.

Responsible production

Tovano has had excellent relationships for many years with most of these suppliers, often on an exclusive basis. This means that Tovano can also vouch for responsible production, in such areas as the use of plant protection products and the welfare of the producers’ employees.

Product & food safety

Food safety is a top priority for nuts and dried subtropical fruits
Especially for a company like Tovano, food safety is essential. Many large customers, such as European retail organisations, have strict protocols for their suppliers’ internal hygiene. Tovano therefore conforms to the BRC criteria, guaranteeing the highest standards for a safe and hygienically packaged product. The origin of each product can also be easily traced: the latest track & trace systems are used within the company.

Every supplier is known

Another aspect of the exacting policy in the area of food safety is the partnership with our own suppliers. Tovano has close links with the suppliers, and regularly visits them. Tovano can therefore be certain that the products arriving at the warehouse in Maasdijk meet all the requirements. Inspection of every incoming pallet is, of course, a logical part of the meticulous quality process.

BRC certification + UTZ license

Tovano has held BRC certification for many years, which guarantees optimum food safety in the production process, packaging and transport.
A BRC Certificate demonstrates that Tovano meets the requirements of the British Retail Consortium. The BRC is recognised by GFSI, the global collaboration of retailers in the area of food safety. Tovano is proud of this certification, because it is a reward for the care and attention that we devote to the quality of our product and service every day.

Tovano has a UTZ license in hazelnuts. UTZ is a program and quality mark that specializes in sustainable agriculture. If the farmers have a UTZ quality mark, a fair product is guaranteed.